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Just open a bit your lips and smile.

Do you feel better,‭ ‬don’t you‭?

So,‭ ‬why don’t you smile more often‭? ‬Do you think that smiling is just something for kids‭? ‬Don’t be fool,‭ ‬everyone can smile,‭ ‬it‭’‬s not something hard nor something you don’t know how to do.‭ ‬We simply give up smiling as we grow up,‭ ‬believing that it just doesn’t suit an adult lifestyle,‭ ‬that if we smile no one will take us seriously.‭ ‬But that’s just a mindset,‭ ‬and if you start smiling‭ ‬again you will soon realise how beautiful it is.‭

Of course at the beginning someone might stare at you and think that you are mad,‭ ‬but then,‭ ‬once they accustom to your new lifestyle, people around you will start smiling too,‭ ‬bringing fresh happiness into‭ ‬your life.‭

But why is smiling so important‭?  ‬I will tell you now.‭ ‬Smiling is not just a single action,‭ ‬it also has great impact in your feelings and mood.‭ ‬When you smile you focus on that simple gesture but at the same time you forget what‭’‬s wrong with your life.‭ ‬Even if just for a few seconds you focus on what‭’‬s good,‭ ‬on what really makes you happy and so you relax yourself and lower anxiety.‭ ‬Moreover,‭ ‬you spread around your happiness making people feel more comfortable.

Having an happier life with happier people‭ ‬around us is‭ ‬certainly what we all looking for,‭ ‬so why don‭’‬t give it a chance‭? ‬If you are willing to give it a try,‭ ‬here you can find‭ ‬some simple‭ ‬key points that you should try to follow:

  • Smile in the morning.‭ ‬It‭’‬s the best way to start a fresh new day.‭ ‬Smiling as soon as you get up makes you motivated and longing to get the best out of every day‭;
  • Smile when you meet friends or new people.‭ ‬There is no better way to start a conversation and also your good mood will be highly contagious‭;
  • If you are sorrow,‭ ‬smile.‭ ‬It will remind you that there are many good reasons to be happy even in a bad period‭;
  • When the day is over,‭ ‬list‭ ‬3‭ ‬or‭ ‬4‭ ‬good things that you have done or have happened to you and smile.‭ ‬You have done the best of yourself and so‭ ‬there‭’‬s no reason to be sad.

All this points might seems simple or even stupid,‭ ‬but give them a chance.‭ ‬Just try to follow these guidelines for few days,‭ ‬if you are not satisfied you can always go back to your previous life.


14 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Thanks for this post! Some studies have shown that smiling lowers blood pressure and improves immune function. It’s a simple thing that could have real benefits.


      1. Reading comments like this makes me want to write even more! Anyway you will have a new post every Monday and Thursday 😉

        Best regards,


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