A two step process to live a better life


Too often I see people telling that they lack creativity, that they can’t come up with something new, that they just follow their routine day after day and therefore feel bored and tired. Is this the way we want to spend our time? My answer is No. I want to feel excited, to live every day as a challenge, to get the best out of every situation. What about you? Are you satisfied by the life you are living? Do you think that you can’t expect anything better? I really hope not.. appreciating what we have is obviously something good, but at the same time we shouldn’t just reach some of our goals and then settle.

Even if you are truly happy right now (I really hope so) you have to face the fact that life is ever-changing, that we cannot stop time. We cannot avoid the change itself, but we can try to guide it. By defining some goals and trying to reach them we can give shape to our existence, by understanding the direction toward which we would like to move we can play a more active role in our lives. Although this concept might seem simple (first we decide what we want in life and then we act in order to pursue our goals) the problem is that most of the times we have no clue about what we really want, about which direction we should pick: we just feel uncomfortable in the present moment, we know that we have to act in order to change but we have no clue about what we should do. This situation is really common, trust me. Most of the people have absolutely no clue about their life, they just keep going on, following the easiest path, they don’t reflect much upon their decisions or maybe they think a lot about them, but they forget that even small ones can have a huge impact in our lives.

To help people find their way many bloggers introduced the concept of “life purpose”, the idea that any of us is born to do something, that by understanding what is the real reason of our existence we will be able to fill our days with happiness and contentment. The general idea is that by defining a primary goal we can be able to focus our energies toward it and therefore add value to our time. I have read many guides to find my life purpose and many of them are really interesting (you can read for example the guides from Leo Babauta or Steve Pavlina) but today I want to propose you a different approach.

The basic idea behind this method is that human primary goal should be to reach happiness and to savour to the fullest every moment of life. If this makes sense to you, keep reading!

1st Step: Try a lot of things

If you want to find out what really makes you happy the first step you have to do is to try different things, to overcome the walls that prevents you from doing something different. If you never experience anything new you will never understand what is good for you, you will never be able to define which activities are really valuable to you. So start today, get out of your house and do something crazy, just follow your mind and forget what people think about you. Life is yours, why should you care if someone thinks you are crazy? Most of the times we prevent ourselves from experiencing happiness just because we are afraid of judgement, but today you shouldn’t bother it, we are billions of people in this world and so even if you do something strange almost no one will notice, even if your friends or family will tell you that you shouldn’t have done it they will soon forget about it.

2st Step: Evaluation

Once you have tried a lot of things you can start the second phase of this process: evaluation. In this part of the process you should think about the different situations you have faced and understand what impact they had on your life. Then you should try to spend most of your time doing activities that make you happy, that give you a sense of self-fulfilment. This process might be quite difficult: it is hard to get rid of activities we have been doing for years (our life is mainly routine-based) but sometimes it’s a necessary step to give up certain addictions that bring us nothing but a sense of lack. You don’t have to change all at once, it would be almost impossible, a gradual process of change is everything you should look forward to. Start by devoting half an hour to the activities that make you happy and once you are accustomed to this amount of time increase it to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.

Another important thing to consider is the difference between happiness and pleasure: when you make your own evaluation you should be aware that pleasure is not happiness, if you like eating candies this doesn’t mean you should eat candies one hour every day. Happiness is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, and you can reach it only by using your time the best way possible.

And you?

What strategies do you use in order to have a happy life? What do you think about this 2 step process? Please let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “A two step process to live a better life

  1. Well done! These are the most important steps to follow in order to live a happy and healthy life.


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