15 Things we should do less


It’s seems that nowadays success is about having more, doing more and spending more. Everything is brought to the excess and it’s like our desires have no limits. Are we sure that this is the right direction?

Would piling tons of things really make us happy? Will we ever be able to satisfy all of our cravings?

And what about trying to do the opposite?

Would having less, doing less and spending less make us unsatisfied and frustrated? Probably yes, but for sure there are some things we should try to do less. Getting rid of bad behaviours and vices is as important as developing good habits and so today I want to propose you a different kind of challenge: you are not asked to do get something done, nor to write down a plan and stick to it. I ask you to read the following list and to try to reduce the time you spend doing these activities. Let’s see what you should do less:

  1. Less speaking: we are always ready to speak, to express our opinions, but the fact is we just keep saying things we already know. I don’t mean you should be an hermit nor that you should give up your social life: if you want to learn new things and to get to know other people’s perspective try to speak less and to listen more;
  1. Less TV: don’t waste your whole day in front of the TV, watch the news or your favourite program and the turn it off. Go for a walk, help someone, read a book.. these activities will give you much more than just sitting on your sofa;
  1. Less complaining: when you have a problem you can start complaining, blaming others for theirs faults, but this won’t make you feel better, nor will help you to come up with a solution. When you have a problem think about what you can do in order to solve it, complaining is useless;
  1. Less expectation: in life nothing is granted. Even if you do a good job you can’t be sure about your promotion, even if you help someone you can’t expect him to help you back. Start doing things because you like doing them rather because you expect to get some reward;
  1. Less pessimism: life is already full of problems, there is no need to worry about bad things that could happen. Cut off your pessimism and start developing a more optimistic attitude, you will feel a lot better;
  1. Less buying: do you really need all the stuff you buy? Or it is just a way to give you some little pleasure? Realise that having more won’t make you happy, that happiness is not related to your wealth, it lies in your mind and attitude;
  1. Less social media: living in the social media will prevent you from living your real life. If you want to talk with someone meet him somewhere. Texting can be easier, but it will never be the same as a real conversation;
  1. Less worries: there is no need to keep thinking about your problems, they are there and no one will solve them for you. Instead of struggling all day long in order to think about ways to solve every problem, define a certain period of the day when to handle with them and try to savour your life for the rest of the time;
  1. Less fear of judgement: we are literally trapped by the fear of being judged by others, of being defined as “different”, but this fear is lies just in our minds. Dare to do something different, to do what others don’t. Fear of judgement shouldn’t prevent you from doing things you really love;
  1. Less hurry: life is about experiencing every moment, not about doing more things. If you try to do more than you can you will end up with very poor results: so just do what you can manage to do and everything will be fine. Choose quality over quantity;
  1. Less multitasking: not only you should try do to everything in a relaxed state of mind, but also you should concentrate just on one activity at a time. If your mind keeps moving from a task to another the quality of your output will decrease and with it your satisfaction about your results. Doing multiple things together is a common habit nowadays, but I challenge you to give it up.
  1. Less competition: we are always comparing ourselves to others, we keep saying that we are better then who lives with us, but the truth is we all are human beings. We all have the same ultimate desire: happiness. Instead of proving that you are better than someone else, use your time to build something together, make teamwork your best skill;
  1. Less envy: the idea that other people are happier than we are just because they have something we don’t have (a better job, a nice car, a pretty spouse) is just lame. There is no reason to blame others if they have more than we have. Instead of looking at what others have, start by being grateful for what you have;
  1. Less car: we are so addicted to our car that we use it for everything, even for a 2 km travel. I know that it is really comfortable and fast, but I think that using the public tansports, walking or riding your bike won’t hurt you. You just give it  try;
  1. Less rage: when something goes wrong we usually break out in rage and start swearing. It’s hard not to react like this, and also it may give us a sense of liberation, but it’s just for a moment and then all our frustration is back again. Rage is a destructive feeling, it’s hard to get rid of it. Understanding that by getting in rage we get absolutely nothing can be a good starting point.

Are you willing to try?

What do you think about this challenge? Are there things you will never be able to live without? What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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