13 Little actions to get rid of a bad day


We all have bad days. We wake up and all we want is to go back to our warm bed. We feel extremely tired and stressed, we think that the day will bring us nothing but a greater sense of dissatisfaction. Most of the times there isn’t much we can do about these situations, we just have to accept this initial feeling of discomfort and try to shift our mind attitude in order not to waste a day. Yes, the problem itself is about coming up with a solution in order not to waste our time. If you think that bad days are just bad days and that therefore we just have to accept them passively, you should remind yourself that your time is precious, extremely precious. You will not have the chance to live again your today in the future, if you spend your time complaining about your bad mood you will just waste your life.

Every time you wake up and feel like doing nothing remind yourself this timeless truth:

By doing nothing we simply waste our time and life is meant to be lived, not wasted.

Bad periods are part of our existence, we can do nothing about that. The fact is not to get stuck by them. When you face a tough day you should accept it, but at the same time you should be aware that just by doing some simple actions you will be able to make it a better one. As I already written many times, happiness lies in our minds rather than in the things we have and so just by shifting your attitude toward the upcoming day you will be able to change the way you will live it. Any simple act that will increase your sense of satisfaction or that will bring you a little joy would do the job. Let’s see what works for me:

  1. Look at the mirror and smile.This is one of my favourites. When you feel terrible and annoyed find the willingness to watch yourself in a mirror and try to smile. Probably it will be really hard and you will end up doing some grimace. Still the image of yourself trying to switch the facial expression from a sad one to an happy one will be quite funny and at the end of the process you will surely fell a bit better;
  1. Take a sweet breakfast. Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day as it gives us the energy we need to accomplish our duties. At the same time breakfast can give us a sense of comfort: by eating something sweet or something we really like we can do an act of compassion toward ourselves. I don’t encourage you to get an habit our of this, but when you really feel bad try to have a better breakfast and this little pleasure will help you to forget about your bad mood;
  1. Stop complaining about every problem. It might happen that we wake up and feel really frustrated just because the previous day we haven’t managed to do what we expected to do or we kept thinking about some problem for the whole night. In this situations I suggest you to relax a bit. By complaining you will solve nothing, the only result will be that you will ruin another precious day. Start the new day with enthusiasm, nourish the idea that you will be able to enjoy your time regardless of any bad situation that occurred in the past;
  1. Stop expecting people to do what you want. Other times people are the source of our unhappiness: we didn’t appreciate the way they acted or we thought they should have done something different and this can make us really mad. Anyway all these things exist just in our mind, we all are conscious beings and anyone has the right to do what he thinks is the best for himself. When you find yourself judging other’s behaviour or criticizing their actions kindly remind yourself that you shouldn’t. Keep doing what you think is right for you and everything will be fine.
  1. Stop labelling everything either as good or bad. Why is a bad day a bad one? The reality is that we have labelled it as bad. If we feel some discomfort or we miss the enthusiasm to do anything we simply decide that today “is a bad day”, that we can do nothing about it. It’s just a way to protect ourselves from a source of discomfort. Instead of just saying “this is a bad day” try to find out what is wrong, try fully understand what is the source of your unhappiness. There aren’t only good and bad days, some of them are also exciting, sad, stressing, vibrant and so on. Get rid of the Two-way perception of reality;
  1. Take a little break and drink a warm tea or coffee. You shouldn´t be always working nor always thinking about your job otherwise you will soon feel exhausted and overwhelmed. When your day gets harder take a little break, drink some warm tea or coffee in order to relax yourself. These breaks become even more important when our willingness to work is very low: promise yourself that you will have a break once you get something done. If you set an easy and reachable goal you will probably be successful;
  1. Find the time to do some exercise. When we are healthy and exercise regularly we feel better and we have more energies. Of course it’s hard to start exercising when you have a bad day but even in this situations you might do something really simple: go for a short run, do some abs or push-ups. My suggestion is to develop an exercising habit and to stick to it even in the bad days: the fact that you can keep doing some exercises even in toughs periods will motivate you to use your time the best way possible;
  1. Call a friend and talk. Talking with someone is a great source of happiness and gives us a sense of liberation. If you are really frustrated you might consider the idea of calling one of your friends to talk a bit with him. And here is a little gem: when you feel bad and call someone don’t talk about what is wrong, try to focus on what is good, on what both of you like. The simple fact of thinking about something else will help you and at least for a while you will forget about your problems;
  1. Prepare a good lunch. If the breakfast technique didn’t work or you didn’t have time to get something sweet please consider the idea of taking a longer break for lunch in order to cook something special. You will get two benefits out of it: first of all you will have a very good meal and secondly you will remind yourself that you are worth something (if you can focus and cook some good dish for sure you can focus on anything else);
  1. Take a little walk after eating.Walking is beautiful. It allows you to free your mind, to appreciate the landscape and at the same time it gives you a sense of freedom and calmness. Sometimes we feel bad just because our life is too fast and we keep rushing goal after goal. By going for a walk you will remind yourself that there is beauty and happiness in every moment;
  1. Go for a five minutes meditation. Just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on the breathing. Nothing more, nothing less. As you become aware of every single breath you will start to appreciate the beauty of stillness, you will realise the importance of every single instant of our lives. The simplest things are the most important, you shouldn’t forget it;
  1. Keep a diary to write down what makes you happy. I have recently started to write my happy-moments diary not long ago and I can say that it works. We can find at least 3-4 situations that made us happy every single day and if you write them somewhere you will have no excuses. When you feel like your week has been a total disaster you just have to open that little book and read what you have written on it. Simple and effective, nothing else to add;
  1. Dare to do something you like instead of something you have to. We all have our duties, thing that no matter what we have to do (if you have problems with these situations please read this) but sometimes is not bad to just skip them and do what we really would like. Life is beautiful because it is unpredictable, if you keep doing the same things over and over again it gets boring. Dare to do something different and you will see.

Your opinion

What do you think about this suggestions? Do you already use any of this techiques? Would you like to add anything to this list? Please let me know in the following comments.

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14 thoughts on “13 Little actions to get rid of a bad day

  1. Great advice! I especially like your last point: “Dare to do something you like instead of something you have to.” It’s important to do the things that bring us joy, at least once in a while. Thanks 🙂

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