The one key of happiness


We all chase happiness, but no one really seems to really get it fully. It’s like a myth, it lies somewhere but no one really knows the exact place. We all experience happiness, just for a few moments, and then it flees away throwing us back to our routines full of anxieties and worries. Some people seem to experience happiness is a wider way, they look most of the times calm and relaxed. We look up to them, trying to find out the secret of their inner peace but this secret is so plain that we cannot see it. Happiness is something so important, so hard to understand that we cannot accept an easy solution, we need to tell ourselves that it is hard to be really happy, that if we are not able to appreciate what we have is not our fault, but of some external factor.

Driven by this endless research we start to think that the reason of our unhappiness lies in what we don’t have, in what we have done and we are going to do. As a consequence more and more people tend to identify happiness with wealth, they firmly believe that one need to be rich in order to experience happiness in its completeness (read here if you want to know more about it).

Other people follow a different approach, they identify time as the main cause of their unhappiness. They think that the past didn’t give them what they expected, they see it as a chain that doesn’t allow them pursue their own happiness, they believe that their background doesn’t put them on the same level of everyone else.

Other people do the same with their future, they believe that everything is already written, that one cannot do anything in order to change what is going to happen. This way they don’t take responsibility for their actions and they live every situation as if it was unavoidable: this makes them unable to appreciate the savour of life.

Happiness anyway is something more simple. One doesn’t need to look for it in the most hidden places nor to solve the most complicated rebus in order to find out its secrets.

Happiness goes with life as life goes with happiness.

And since life is in the present moment happiness can be found nowhere but in the present moment.

The past is our background, it tells us what happened till now but nothing about what is going to happen, we should look at it like a starting point. About the future we have almost no clue. We can have plans, hopes, ambitions, but we cannot really know what is going to happen. The idea of our future should challenge us, but at the same time we should never feel overwhelmed by it. There is no reason to worry about something we are not sure about.

And finally the present moment: it is everything.

Our perceptions, our feelings, our dreams, they exist just now, they are almost everything we have. Material things are just boundaries, they will never make us truly happy. It’s the idea, not the thing itself that affects our mind: it’s the idea of wealth, not the money itself, that reassures us, it’s the idea of shortage, not the lack itself, that makes us feel anxious.

Happiness is a state of the mind, we can experience it in every moment. All we are required to do is to savour the present moment, to appreciate every situation for what it is and to be amused by the reality that surrounds us.

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Are you capable of experiencing the happiness that lies in the present moment or you always feel overwhelmed either by the past or the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “The one key of happiness

  1. Person to person perception of is different. Social person looks happy from outer behavior and he will influence that he is happy. But we dont know how happy really he was.
    If ignoring bad things and bad behavior of other than you fill really happy.
    Very nice article


    1. Thank you very much for your comment! You are completely right, we tend to judge people happiness upon their social success.. but they are different things. Moreover, if we keep looking at others we will hardly find what is good about us 🙂


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