Reasons why you should express your opinion


We live in a ever-connected world where every information can be shared in less than one second and as a consequence it is natural to be afraid of judgement and to weight every word in order not to end up in trouble. Sometimes even one single wrong word might ruin an old friendship or lead to some though discussions and therefore we progressively become more and more cautious. It’s like we are losing the confidence to express our opinions and to tell what we really think.

If you ask something to a group of people everyone will give you pretty much the same answer or they will just tell you that they don’t know. Expressing a personal opinion is a serious matter and most of us is so scared to have the “wrong” opinion that he prefers not to answer rather than to express it.

This overwhelming fear of judgement is unbridling spreading among us, but we can barely notice it. Our conversations are so filled with useless gossip that we believe that we are sharing opinions, but we are not. When you discuss about the weather or you comment on the latest film you have seen you might have fun, but you are not doing anything to make this place a better one. Real conversations are the tough ones, the ones we all avoid and when you express your opinion on some serious matter you are going to have some “enemies”. Not everyone has the same point of view, nor we can all share the same ideas but this doesn’t mean that you become a bad person if you argue with someone on something worth discussing.

I really believe that stating our own opinions is a necessary step when talking about personal development, we cannot really say we are really grown up until we have the confidence to publicly state and defend our ideas. Some people seem to never do the required step, they prefer to keep their mouth closed, to let others decide for them, but that is not the right approach. We should look forward to take our own decisions: we are the only masters of our lives and thus defining what is good for us should be one of our primary concerns. Not only any of us has the right to have his own personal opinion upon every subject, but also, by expressing it in the right way, we can experience many advantages. Let’s see some of them:

  1. Better self understanding. We often believe to have strong ideas that cannot be proven to be wrong: the better way to understand whether this is true or not is to express them. It is easy to hold an idea in our mind, but it’s not the same way when we try to express it in a proper way and to defend it with valuable arguments. When you say aloud what you think you have to make the extra effort to defend your point from other people opinions and therefore you have the chance to go deep inside your mind and to better understand yourself;
  1. More confidence. You can decide to be shy forever or just start to state your point of view, no matter how wrong it could be. Only by taking part to important conversations you will eventually increase your self-confidence and understand that you are worth as much as others. There is nothing wrong about having a different opinion from others and only by practice you will realise it;
  1. Learn and broaden your mind. If you never express your opinion you will always believe you are right. If you never face a tough discussion you will never realise that sometimes it is a good idea to change your mind. Be willing to share your opinion and accept that  your point of view is not always the best one. If you are ready to listen what others have to say and you manage to get the best out of every discussion you will for sure learn way more than in any other possible way.

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Are you the kind of person that is afraid of sharing his own opinion? Do you sometimes just shut up in order not to be judged by others? What do you do in order to avoid this problem? Please let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Reasons why you should express your opinion

  1. Enrico, you say: “Be willing to share your opinion and accept that your point of view is not always the best one. If you are ready to listen what others have to say and you manage to get the best out of every discussion you will for sure learn way more than in any other possible way.”
    I am willing to share my opinions with everyone who is ready to listen to what I have to say and I hope I am ready to listen to what others have to say. My experience is when there is a group of people, say six or eight persons, there are usually two or three people who feel they have the most to say. And one or two people say hardly anything.
    If the conversation deals with personal every day sort of matters I am probably better in a one on one conversation. It is different in a proper discussion group with a moderator when the discussion is supposed to be around a certain subject that I am interested in.
    On the internet I try to frame my opinions in such a way that nobody can be offended. (This can be difficult at times!) For instance I do not like some policies of our two major Australian parties. I would tell everyone about this who is willing to listen to my opinion. But I would try very hard to refrain from using abusive language towards a party member, even towards someone who’s policies I do object to very much indeed.


    1. Hello Aunty Uta, thank you so much for your comment! You highlightened some important questions: very few people are actually capable of listening to our point without starting to complain (if their point of view is different) and one or one conversation are the best way to share opinions. If the person we are talking with show no interest in actually listening our points I believe there isn’t much we can do.. the same way, when talking with multiple people the “speaking atticted” kind of person will most probably show up and therefore it won’t be easy to express our point of view. Anyway the thing is more about daring to express our ideas when it might be usefull and getting rid of fear of judgement!

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  2. I like your article. I think having an opinion is as important as expressing it. I used to live without having opinions on anything so when somebody asked me what I thought I didn’t know what to answer. I am better at it but sometimes I still stay silent without saying anything. Also perhaps because I don’t want to get into long discussions defending my opinion. I still have a long way to go :)))


  3. and I really like this sentence: “we cannot really say we are really grown up until we have the confidence to publicly state and defend our ideas.” So true 🙂

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  4. The essence of your article really resonates with me. Lately I have been more aware of my fear of judgement. I think that people will judge and questions my logic or reasoning and I guess that would be linked to a fear of rejection. Now, more and more, I’m perceiving questioning of my logic as trying to understand my perspective, not attack it. Holding on to a mindset that creates the confidence to stand on the day-to-day podium is challenge. Thank you for these words, they are helping me crystalize my current station.

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    1. Hi Tiffanie, thanks a lot for your comment! I think that you are taking active and significant steps toward a more adequate relationship with your fear of judgement. Just be aware that we are all affected by insecurities and moments of low self-esteeem .. it is all about realizing that we are just like every one else 🙂


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