Don’t Chase happiness, live it


More and more people seem to be affected by a great problem: the lack of happiness. The more they chase it, the more they seem to be dissatisfied; the more they think about their life, the more they realise they don’t like it; the more they try to analyse themselves in order to find out what is wrong about their life, the more they spot problems and lacks.

On the other hand there are another kind of people: they live the present moment, they are totally focused on what they are doing, on what is important to them. If you ask them whether they are happy or not, they will look at you with a strange face and just answer: “Yes, of course, I love what I do”.

What is the big difference between these two attitudes? What should we learn from this example?

Well fist of all realise that we are talking about attitude, not wealth nor lifestyle. You might have everything and still complain about your life: the amount of things you have will never define your level of satisfaction (read more about it here). The same goes for activities: keeping ourselves constantly busy so that we don’t have the time to complain is not the way, you are not going to succeed if you try to fool yourself.

The real thing is that we don’t need to judge our lives in order to be happy. As a matter of fact, every time you stop and think “am I happy now?” you completely destroy the magic of the present moment. When you start to evaluate a certain situation you will obviously find something wrong about it and thus will prevent you from living it to the fullest. If instead you manage to be fully absorbed by every activity you will be able to appreciate it much more, and this will give you a greater sense of satisfaction and contentment.

We don’t need perfect situations, nor to achieve outstanding results in order to have a fulfilling life. All we need to do is to remember that every moment is a gift and so we shouldn’t waste it. If you had a really good quality chocolate, would you waste a portion of it just to have it tested in order to be sure that it is really made of first quality ingredients?

I think not.

So, why should you waste your precious time in order to find out the only insignificant thing that is wrong about your present situation? Why should you decide to focus on what is wrong rather than on what is ok?

If you want to reach real happiness stop thinking about it, stop rating your days and your results. Do yourself a favour: do what you really love doing and get fully absorbed by it. You won’t regret it.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Chase happiness, live it

  1. You spoke my mind. All these while I’ve been driven by motivations to be happy, but I’m too caught up with the chase after happiness, I just forget about the little things that I do during the process of this “chasing happiness”. This is a wonderful reminder for me to live in the moment! Thank you. 🙂


    1. Hey Nazira! Thank you so much for this beautiful comment 🙂 Always remember that the process is more important that the result itself.. good luck with your path toward true happiness!

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  2. Reblogged this on Little Kano's Story and commented:
    I’ve always been chasing happiness. But I still feel dissatisfied. It’s high time that I appreciate what I do, and stop asking “Do I feel happy now?”…


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