3 Reasons why you should stop complaining


Complaining is easy. We all do it. When things are going wrong we may believe that complaining is the only choice we have. We think we have the right to complain. But complaining is one of the things we should do less.

What happens when you complain? Do you think that this is the best strategy to solve your problems?

I believe we all have the right to express our opinion, but complaining is not the way to get what we want. Complaining usually makes your situation even worse. Let’s see why.

1) Complaining makes you pessimist. When you argue about something, when you just focus on what is wrong you just prevent yourself from seeing what is good about a situation. When you waste all your energies on the “wrong” there is no space for the “good”. Moreover a pessimist attitude doesn’t allow you to see the situation from a wider perspective. If you think that something is bad, you just want to confirm your idea, rather than better analysing it. When you complain you might lose the chance to see the opportunity that lies behind a setback;

2) When you complain you attract other complainers. Have you ever noticed that you influence the people you live with? and that they are influenced by your behaviour? Well that’s how life works. We are used to hang out with people similar to us, to talk about things we have in common. As a consequence if you start complaining, people around you will be encouraged to start complaining as well. And this will bring you to a down spiral: pessimism calls for more pessimism. Do you really want to live as a complainer among other complainers? Do yourself a favour. Stop arguing for everything. Look at the positive, not at the negative;

3) Complaining makes you stuck in the current situation. As you complain you give up on action. By just pointing out what is not working you do nothing but raise your awareness on a problem. Awareness is fine, but it’s pointless if it is not followed by action. Nevertheless when we argue we usually look for the easy solution, for a simple way to fix a situation. We expect others to act upon our needs, to solve the matter for us. Trying to solve the problem ourselves would be a much more mature attitude;

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Are you used to complain a lot? What do you think we can do to get rid of this attitude? Please let me know in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “3 Reasons why you should stop complaining

  1. I accept to all that. Frankly, I do complain a lot. I got this habit from a bunch of complainers and I really want to carry it forward. Trying my best to stop myself. 🙂


  2. I totally agree! A friend of mine went so far down this route that he suggested forming a ‘hate group’ where everyone could vent their frustrations! That was a gift for me. It helped clarify my perspective. He is an ex-friend now. But I’m grateful for the experience.


  3. I run into this everyday at work. I walk in and my manager is already angry about something someone didn’t do the day before. I actually have a positive attitude when I walk in now, but she totally tries to ruin any good that walks through the door.
    I will say I complain occasionally now, it use to be worst. Now, I just listen to others complain because I feel the same way bit my answer is ok, and I try to change the subject. I remember calling the store manager out on bad attitudes in the work place during a work shop. I told her of we ignore the negative and think positive things will get better here.
    Her response, “well everyone is influenced by each other, and complaining will always happen and no one will ever find it in them to think positive.”
    Nice answer from a leader, right?
    Complaining can’t be stopped it’s going to happen. Whether it’s a cut from a knife, or an argument at work. It’s something that is contagious like a virus. The only way to stop it, is to be the antibiotic that kills it. Don’t succumb to someone else’s complaints cause you’ll pass it on to others. We all influence each other. Awesome post!


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