Do we really need to become a better version of ourselves?

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Everyone is talking about personal development. Everyone is setting his own goals and following his own purpose. Everyone has that BIG dream she is trying to realize with her full strengths. But what is the point of all this? Why should we decide to struggle, to face discomfort and uncertainty? Do we really love to fail over and over again just because we believe that one day we are going to succeed? Will we really become a better version of ourselves just by reaching those objectives that we have set for ourselves?

Aren’t we enough?

Is there anything wrong with ourselves and with the life we are living right now?

I am one of those who actually sets goals for himself. I have achieved some and failed others. I have been incredibly happy right after realizing some of them and I have felt really frustrated when things did not to go the way I had planned. But one thing is absolutely certain: reaching or achieving our goals is not what really defines who we are.

I am equally proud of myself whether I fail or I succeed. And this should be true also for you. Goals are important, but they are not essential.

What really matters so?

If goals are not essential, which is then our ultimate purpose? What should we do in order to fully appreciate our time? For me the answer is simple: we are made to appreciate what we have, to love the person we are and to devote our time doing those things which give meaning to our time. The deepest meaning lies in the essential. Nevertheless the answer is highly personal, there is no guarantee that what is essential to me is also essential to you.

I love spending some time with myself, writing in this blog and sharing what I am learning through this amazing journey. Someone might prefer to go backpacking around the world and experience a deep sense of freedom. Someone else might feel that his true calling is to build up a great organization and to make some product available to as much people as possible.

What we all have in common is that everyone has something that he truly cares about. Everyone feels he has some sort of calling or purpose which he should embrace. The problem is that life is not simple and thus we tend to fill our days with clutter and noise. We start walking in the right path and then we get sidetracked by something that pops up in our minds. As we manage to get back our concentrations than the phone rings… Nowadays is extremely hard to keep ourselves on track, to really devote our time to what is essential to us. What once might have been simple, like for example getting out from home to appreciate the sunset, is now getting harder and harder. What we should do is to spot those simple things which gives us a sense of pure fulfillment and then try to toss out everything else.

How do goals relate with all this?

Given the multiple complexities of modern life and the countless sources of distractions we are subjected to on a daily basis we need to find a way to keep ourselves on track. We have to find a simple and effective way to drive our attention toward the simple and essential things which are important to us.

Goals can be a good strategy, at least from my point of view.

By setting a goal we commit ourselves to devote as much time as required in order to achieve some objective, to master some particular skill or to finally do something we have been postponing for a long time. What makes them amazing is that goals can fully change your perception of reality. They can be great allies when we talk about centering our life around what is important while getting rid of those minor activities we usually fill our lives with. By having a goal which is totally aligned with the “essential” we can manage to pass through distractions and avoid the temptations of fleeting joys.

Nevertheless goal-setting can also be a double-edged weapon. Some people end up being totally goal-dependent. All they want is to reach the next level, to get to the next point. By doing this they forget to appreciate the gift of the present: they just run after the future without living the moment. The right way is instead to use goals are a strategy to shape our lives, while giving ourselves the time to stop by and appreciate the person we are right now.

We should look at goals as a tool, not as the ultimate reason of our lives.

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Do you appreciate yourself for who you are? What do you think about goal-setting? Please let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Do we really need to become a better version of ourselves?

  1. I believe we are enough. The world needs us just the way we are and all we need to do is become the best version of ourselves 🙂 Don’t stress too much 😉 Hugs!

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  2. For my age I am in comparatively good health still, and I am grateful for this and love every day that I can spend in a way I like it to spend it. Sometimes I get impatient with myself because my aging body demands that I do things slower and slower. No wonder, that I am always running out of time to do the things I have been meaning to do! Some things always have priority, like spending time with a large extended family, particularly on various special occasions; keeping up regular meetings with my friends; seeking medical advice or dental treatments when needed; going on excursions with Peter, my husband, sharing with Peter doing shopping, cooking, maintaining house and yard in an acceptable condition or at least in as good a condition as it is possible for us to manage. I think since both Peter and I are at an age where we reasonable can expect to live only maybe five or ten years, we do indeed appreciate that bit of time that is left to us probable much more than when we were younger! By the way, so far Peter’s health is also quite good still. I think, we are more lucky than people with a lot of money but maybe not very healthy anymore.
    There is one goal I have set for myself and unfortunately not been able to do much about yet: That is getting rid of accumulated clutter! I am still hopeful, that one of these days I might manage to get rid of at least some of the clutter. Last but not least, being able to do thins on the computer I find rewarding and often also somewhat relaxing. To read your blogs, dear Enrico, I find always relaxing and thought provoking. You tend to choose very interesting subjects. Thank you for blogging and sharing! 🙂


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