How to change your reality by focusing on the positive


“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.”

Amit Ray

We are gifted human beings. Our abilities go far beyond every expectation. Our body is an unbelievable machine which enables us to act the way we think and to realize amazing things. We can run free among nature, we can make amazing acts of compassion, we can hug other people and show them our love. But what is most incredible about ourselves is our mind.

The power of our mind is almost endless. The problem is we are not able to fully harness it. We are not even aware of it.

One of the greatest ability of our mind is to shape the reality we live in. It might sound strange, or even ridiculous. You may affirm that reality is physical, unique. But indeed everyone experiences a slightly different reality. And what makes the difference between what I see and what you see is nothing else but our minds.

The mind is the magic machine that decodes everything we see and experience and turns it into our own realities. Isn’t it strange that when you buy a pair of red shoes than you start noticing more and more people with red shoes? Has it ever happened to you to desire some new gadget and to continuously spot people with the exact product you are dreaming for?

This is not magic. It’s your mind.

The reason why all of this happens is hereby unrevealed.

We are literally bombarded by an endless amount of information and inputs throughout our days and if we had to focus our attention on all of them we would literally collapse. As a consequence we need some rules, some practical and effective way to distinguish what is important to us, and what is not. This systematic process of selection takes place in our subconscious mind and we are not fully aware it. Nonetheless by knowing about its existence and by understanding the way it works, we can actually use it in order to experience a better reality.

How does it work?

It works in the easiest way possible. When you think about something, this particular thing will start to gain more and more importance in your reality. Let’s say you decide to exercise more and you resolve that going for a morning run would be a reasonable way to start. Even if you don’t start your training, but just allow your mind to linger upon this thought, you will probably start noticing some fellow runners along your way to the office. You will see some nice running shoes at your favorite shopping mall. You will spot some posts about running events in your social media accounts.

This is not magic, all you will experience after deciding to focus your attention on something has always been there. But it was not important, it was not relevant to you.

I want to emphasize this once again: it is not magic. You will not change the world just by believing that there is no pain, no crime, no pollution. All which you will able to change is that toward which you want to focus your attention.

The more something is important to you, the more you will perceive things related to it. If you firmly believe in something you will continuously experience situations which will confirm your belief. But as you start to question your ideas you will start to see a different reality, a reality in which your ideas might be true as well false.

How should I use it?

We all have this amazing gift and there is absolutely no reason why we should not use it in order to improve our lives or to increase our level of satisfaction. There are plenty of ways to actually exploit this process. For example it can help you to accomplish some of your goals: by keeping your goals clearly depicted in your mind you will start to see and think about multiples ways to accomplish them. If you focus your attention on solutions rather than problems you will surely come up with some.

But the most magical thing you can do is to start focusing your attention on what is good about your life, on what is positive and enchanting. This way you will progressively experience higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. Happiness in fact is not related to what we have, nor to what we experience. It is instead based upon our thoughts, upon the idea we hold about our lives. By spotting what is amazing about your life you will give birth to a positive spiral which will enable you to identify more clearly what a gift your life is. The most simple, but still effective step you can take is the following: just journal every day about those few things which really made you happy. You will notice that the more you practice this habit the more easily you will remember these moments of happiness. Happiness is already within us, but we are not used to see it!

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Do you usually focus on the positive or on the negative? Will you try the happiness-journal strategy? Please let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “How to change your reality by focusing on the positive

  1. Hi Enrico, I think to focus on the positive can be very helpful, especially when we are confronted with many things that are negative. For instance, we regard dying as something negative. So most people probably tend to see more what is negative when a beloved person leaves us forever. Sure, a departure like this is painful. Still, maybe even in death it may be possible to find something positive and comforting about the departure of the loved one.
    Enrico, you talk about a happiness-journal strategy. Well, I am all for this kind of journal. And when there are some dark clouds in our lives, we could mention these too; but further on we might perhaps try to think about what comes after the dark clouds. For as long as there is life we can hope that more and more positive things may develop for which we can be grateful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Antyuta, it is always nice to hear again from you 🙂 I completely agree on your points.. “for as long as there is life we can hope that more and more positive things may develop for which we can be grateful”

      Liked by 1 person

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