4 Tips to boost Happiness

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Always remember that your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world.”

T. Harv Eker

A lot of people seem to complain because there is no way to be happy in the world they live in. They believe that their work, their city, their family or anything else is affecting their lives in such a way that they cannot experience any feeling of happiness or freedom. What they lack is courage, the courage to change themselves in order to change the reality they live in. If you just accept things how they are you will not experience what you desire, you will not realise those dreams you have been chasing for so long.

As I have already explained in a previous post, we are massively influenced by the environment we live in: just the fact of hanging around with optimistic or pessimistic people can make a total difference in the way we see what happens to us. But this is not everything. We are human beings and we can thus act and think in order to change the kind of reality we experience, we can decide to focus on the positive and take small steps in order to shape our environment. We can change not only ourselves, but also the attitude of the people we live with.

Today I want to be really practical. Whenever you feel really negative and see no way out, just try one of the following tips and you will experience incredible change both in yourself and in your environment:

  1. Smile at the people you see. Be the first one who creates a friendly and enthusiastic environment. When you smile you show the other person that you are open, that you want to focus entirely on the conversation or the activity you are going to do together. By smiling you also force yourself to focus on something positive, for a moment you are able to forget what is taking you down, what is wrong and what you would like to change. It is hard to get angry at someone who is sincerely smiling at you. Smiling is simple but can make you happier;
  1. Don’t talk about what is wrong with you. We all have our problems, we all have our doubts and uncertainties. We tend to focus on them for the majority of our time, but this makes no sense: by focusing on what is wrong we will just keep spotting other things which are also wrong. By talking with others about out problems we will just take them down with us. In most of the cases they have no solution for our problems and so they will just answer us back complaining about their own setbacks. Do yourself a favour: when you talk with others forget about your doubts and…
  1. Talk about possibility rather than impossibility. Yeah! We should talk more about possibility, about our dreams about our hopes and desires. We you talk about things you truly value you will inspire others, you will permeate the conversation with a sense of possibility and excitement. When you talk about your dreams you give yourself a feeling of power, you tell to yourself: “Yes this is what I want, this is what I will fight for”. The more you think and talk about something which is really important for you, the more ways you will find to make it true;
  1. Organize entertaining and creative activities with your friends. Please, get rid of the idea that every person you know should have a very clear role in your life, stop seeing relationships as a way to move on in your career. Relationships are meant to be lived at the fullest. If we are not alone is because life is much more exciting when we share our time with others. If you want to be happy, organize activities along with your friends, find the time to be creative and free. Get rid of time bonds and restrictions. Dare to be yourself and smash all the mental barriers that are taking you down.

Your opinion

What do you think about this post? Do you usually try to get happier by improving the mood of the people around you? How do you manage to do it? Please let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “4 Tips to boost Happiness

    1. Hey Uta!! Did it ever happened to you to feel that someone really values what she is telling to you? I believe that it really makes a difference whether we talk just for the sake of talking or not. As far as I am concerned I get really excited and inspired when people really open up and share with you their innermost desires!


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      1. This is so very true, Enrico. There were some wonderful speeches at my grandson’s wedding last Saturday. The bridegroom as well as his twin-brother spoke about their inner feelings. Anyhow, this is how it came across to me. The bride’s best friend spoke very well too, as did the bride’s father and the twin’s step-father.

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