Make giving one of your top priorities


Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”


I have the impression that nowadays we focus too much on taking, gathering and accumulating. We want wealth and thus we aim at accumulating more riches. We desire power and thus we try to gather more followers. We want to escape loneliness and we fight it by trying to connect with more people in the social media. Isn’t all this a little bit too much self-centred?

Looking around myself I have sometimes the impression that we are all running a race against each others, that this never-ending race makes us blind and forget we are not alone in this planet. What if instead of fighting against our neighbours we would change our minds and start collaborating? Wouldn’t we enjoy much more our time? Sharing a success is much more rewarding than celebrating your own in face of all your opponents, isn’t it?

I deeply believe that only a substantial mental shift could enable us to overcome the mindset that depicts the lonely fighter is the only stereotype to pursue. Right now society does empathize the stories of the lonely winners, of those who have overcome a massive amount of difficulties and eventually reached success and wealth. What is not empathized is the way they have reached all this success. A story is much more interesting when you depict a single man winning over a huge army and, as a consequence, this is what the media gives us: stories of single men who pursued their dreams in face of difficulties and setbacks, stories of men who eventually succeeded.

What disappears is the fact that in most of the cases is success comes from the sum of multiple efforts, that the “protagonist” is not the only winner: the whole team is the winner. Another important factor to consider is that the way to success is not the way of taking or accumulating, but rather the way of giving and serving. If you expect to reach great goals by imposing your point of view or your timeline on others you will be soon disappointed. If you want to make a valuable difference to the world you’d better start thinking about ways you could contribute, about what you could do to make other’s lives better.

This is true even for the smallest things in life. In order to reach fulfilment we should focus not on what we can get, but on what we can give. In order to create deep social bonds we should aim at helping others rather than on getting help from others. And about happiness.. we should give up the idea that others should make us happy, and start thinking about ways to make them happier.

Make giving one of your top priorities and you will soon experience great changes in your life. You do not have to start with incredible things, just minor acts can definitely make a difference: start giving your full attention to your friends, give your understanding to people who are suffering, give your time to your family, give your love to those who feel alone.


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