Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own story


Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own story

We live in an interconnected world. We think we know everything about other’s lives; still, this is not the case. Social media depicts just one side of life, the side that people decide to show us. The side they are most proud of.

On the contrary, when we think about ourselves we are aware both of the bright and of the dark sides. We have a comprehensive overview.

The problem is that we are often tempted to compare our lives to the images of perfection that others are trying to project toward us. I also do it, all the times. And it hurts. There is no way to end up successful in such an unfair competition. The only reasonable solution is to avoid competing. To avoid putting ourselves inside a down spiral which results in lowered self-esteem and in a general sense of unworthiness.

By doing so we can free ourselves from social pressure. We can have a more realistic vision of what is really going on out there. And better understand our true needs and desires. When I started to focus on myself, rather than on keeping on the continuous race to be as good as others are, I came to a sudden realization.

The more someone tries to amplify his or her successes, the biggest are the scars he is trying to hide. The need to prove we have a great life full of excitement is usually a crusade for social acceptance, a desperate last attempt to convince ourselves that we “are good enough”.

But.. do we really need the validation of others? Should we really base our own self-worth upon the standards of a society that values appearance over being? My answer is a clear “No”.

Free yourself from the need to constantly compare and find the courage to become the master of your own life. Define success in your own terms. Follow your passions and natural inclinations. Do not be afraid to walk away from the crowd.


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