Liebster Award – Thank you!

The Liebester has German origins. The word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued. In the current context, this award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with their viewers and followers.

I am honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award and want to thank Letthestarsout for this incredible nomination. I’m grateful and heartened to be recognized for my posts. I have started this blog as a way to share my message and I am really excited by the idea there are a lot of people who find my ideas interesting and worth reading. If I am still here writing at Shakeclouds it’s only thank to you, my beloved readers! (read more..)


4 Tips to boost Happiness

A lot of people seem to complain because there is no way to be happy in the world they live in. They believe that their work, their city, their family or anything else is affecting their lives in such a way that they cannot experience any feeling of happiness or freedom. What they lack is courage, the courage to change themselves in order to change the reality they live in. If you just accept things how they are you will not experience what you desire, you will not realise those dreams you have been chasing for so long.

As I have already explained in a previous post, we are massively influenced by the environment we live in: just the fact of hanging around with optimistic or pessimistic people can make a total difference in the way we see what happens to us. But this is not everything. We are human beings and we can thus act and think in order to change the kind of reality we experience, we can decide to focus on the positive and take small steps in order to shape our environment. We can change not only ourselves, but also the attitude of the people we live with. (read more..)

A simple way to get rid of negativity

I have been always suggesting you guys to stay in the present moment and to fully appreciate its beauty. And indeed this should be one of the core foundations upon which create an exciting and rewarding life. Nonetheless from time to time we get overtaken by what happens to us or feel so deeply involved in some situation that we act in ways not completely aligned with our purpose. Sometimes we behave in a totally irrational way and our emotions become the only thing we see, the only reason to do something instead of something else. In this cases we feel like someone else is driving us, like what we are doing is the only thing we should be doing. We are absolutely unable to control ourselves and our actions.

This can be amazing when we are overruled by positive and inspiring emotions like love, compassion and commitment. For example, a mother driven by love can overcome incredible sufferings to ensure the wellbeing of her children and a passionate person can face very challenging situations to protect and support a very good friend. (read more..)

4 Essential Reasons you should value Relationships over Money

Would you like to be one of those people who decided to give up everything just for sake of money and material possessions? Would you define as successful a person who became extremely rich but had to sacrifice family, friends and social connections?

We are immersed in a reality in which luxurious cars, huge villas in front of the beach and glossy clothes play an ever growing importance in defining the level of success we have achieved. It seems that material possessions are the only thing distinguishing a great man from another one. However, this is a misleading concept which makes us blind. It makes us seek and pursue the unessential.

From what I’ve learned I can assure you that once we are able to fulfill our primary needs (food, shelter and clothing) then making more money starts to become less important. Having the possibility to buy more and to satisfy your desires might sound appealing, but in reality others are the key factors which define the quality of our lives. (read more..)

Is your environment taking you down?

Last time I have talked a lot about attitude and positivity. These are indeed fundamental aspects of our lives. If you don’t expect to succeed you are most likely to fail. If you think that every setback is just a proof of your inabilities you are not going to improve any soon. If you see yourself as limited and powerless for sure you are not going to start a fresh new adventure that might bring new excitement into your life.

Many people understand this principle and try their best in order to change their minds and thus to create a better reality for themselves. Nonetheless this is absolutely not easy and it is not guaranteed that one is going to succeed.

Sometimes we try to change our opinion and to see the good in every situation but we just can’t help but go back with our minds to what is still not perfect, to the long way that is still in front of ourselves. In fact, many times what really prevents us from changing is not our mind, but rather the environment we live in. (read more..)

How to change your reality by focusing on the positive

We are gifted human beings. Our abilities go far beyond every expectation. Our body is an unbelievable machine which enables us to act the way we think and to realize amazing things. We can run free among nature, we can make amazing acts of compassion, we can hug other people and show them our love. But what is most incredible about ourselves is our mind.

The power of our mind is almost endless. The problem is we are not able to fully harness it. We are not even aware of it.

One of the greatest ability of our mind is to shape the reality we live in. It might sound strange, or even ridiculous. You may affirm that reality is physical, unique. But indeed everyone experiences a slightly different reality. And what makes the difference between what I see and what you see is nothing else but our minds. (read more..)