Hi! I’m Enrico, the author of Shakeclouds. I’m 25 years old, born in Italy but currently living at the fullest in the awesome city of Copenhagen (Denmark).

This blog portrays the journey I have undertaken in order to live a life more aligned with my true purposes and inner desires. Back in 2013 I’ve realised that everything was going too fast, that following a modern lifestyle we have no time for ourselves. I’ve found out that the constant pressure to which we are subjected on a daily basis lead us nowhere but to frustration and disappointment.

As a consequence I have decided to take a step back, to devote part of my time to doing the things I really love. Soon I have discovered that the things we usually fill our lives with are not the ones that truly matter, that having more, or being constantly connected is not the way to achieve happiness. Among the multiple experiments I’ve done, I have kept my Facebook account closed for almost half an year and I’ve experienced myself the incredible benefits of living without the constant urge to check every incoming notification.

Right now I try to live every moment like a child who first discovers the beauty of life and I remind myself not to judge everything which happens to me as either good or bad. Instead of labelling every situation I try to live it for what it is, without too many expectations. This way I manage to savour reality rather than judging it.

The most astonishing discovery I’ve made so far is that what we really need in order to be happy is within ourselves, not outside. I believe that what really matters is not what we have, but the way we live every moment. I hope you will decide to join me in this journey toward simplicity and essentiality!

Why “Shakeclouds”?


Why calling a blog “Shakeclouds”? Isn’t it a silly name? I know it might sound a bit strange: clouds have nothing to do with the act of shaking, and they are not even related to the concepts of simplicity and happiness I have trying to share.

Nonetheless I have opted for this name since it gives a very strong visual image of the message I want you to understand. The clouds are like our desires and expectations: it’s amazing to have some nice clouds in a clear sky, it gives you a sense of freedom and happiness. The problem arises when the clouds start to grow bigger and to accumulate: in this case they prevent you to see the sun, to see the light that gives a deep meaning to your life.

Our minds are similar to the sky: as we fill our realities with clutter we cannot distinguish anymore between what is important and what is not, we cannot say whether we are going the right direction or not, we feel lost and purposeless. Most of us would like to shake the clouds to be able see the sun once again, why not getting rid of the unessential which fills up our minds and rediscover once again the beauty of simplicity?

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28 thoughts on “About

      1. Hi Enrico, Karin

        I don’t find better words, than Karin did. So I’m giving you my honor here.
        Just continue what you know is good for you.

        Kind regards, Vojko


  1. Hello, Enrico, I am a follower of yours now for I like this idea of yours that you want to devote part of your time doing the things you really love.
    Aunty Uta


    1. Hello Auty Uta! thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving some comments ๐Ÿ™‚

      I really believe that anyone should try to find out some time for himself, and that is one of the reasons that made me start this blog!


  2. Everyone has said pretty much what I would want to say, so I’ll add this. Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there and invite feedback. I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings: “Even the smallest among us can alter the course of the future”…….we all need to remember that! Blessings to you,
    The Center of Holistic Wellness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kathleen! thank you very much for your comment and for leaving that beautiful quote ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As you said we should all remember that even the smallest of us doing the most simple act can actually have a huge impact to the world.


  3. I really respect your decision to give up Facebook, if I wasn’t so worried about losing touch with friends I would do the same. Being in constant contact with people on social media means that I never feel I can really ‘switch off’ and have time to myself. Keep blogging because it seems like you have a lot of very insightful things to say!



    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I am sure that if you really want to have some for yourself you will be able to find it.. it is not mandatory to get rid of all social media, you can try to disconnect for some time (1 hour every day for example) and still have huge benefits ๐Ÿ™‚

      all the best


  4. Hey,
    I am really really glad to get the chance to read your blog.
    Nice posts.
    I am going to visit a lot in the future, so, keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I love your orientation towards living as a child without judging everything good or bad – l’รฉmerveillement du quotidien – as the French say! I write a lot about that and it’s the basis of my photography.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Enrico,

    You have an interesting blog. It sounds like you life is a little out of balance. We need to be diverse and do different things so we can feel different things. I enjoy going out and capturing the beauty of nature using photography and that helps me to balance my life again all the high tech part of it that involves writing and publicizing my work. You have better weather in Italy than we have in the UK, so go out and explore!


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